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This body of work consists of trees that have fallen from the winter weight of snow, cut, carved and smoothed to create linkage in the trunks. The trees are sourced from Packwood, Washington and worked green, with the exception of one retired telephone pole. 


I am interested in the dichotomy of the chain: to be bound or constricted, seen in another light, can indicate connection and closeness. I think of this duality particularly in our relationship to nature. Acceptance of our dependence on the environment and our instinctual love of the natural world yields a deep and comforting knowledge of ourselves as of the earth - subjects of nature. 


Cutting a shape that symbolizes industry from a living, breathing, twisting, cracking tree creates a visual link between industrial mechanization and the natural world, from which everything we make, use and dream is sourced, and to which we are irrevocably bound.



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